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    SHFT is the virtual running coach that speaks. It helps runners discover their full running potential and helps them correct bad habits before th… Read More
    SHFT is the virtual running coach that speaks. It helps runners discover their full running potential and helps them correct bad habits before they become injuries - in real-time. Read Less
SHFT - your virtual running coach
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Simply run better
SHFT is the virtual running coach that speaks. It helps runners discover their full running potential and helps them correct bad habits before they become injuries - in real-time. SHFT IQ is the world's first virtual running coach with artificial intelligence that will help you run better and faster. #RunRight

“SHFT is an outstanding product for those who love to run and want to optimize their running style, so you can become a better runner.”

— Stina Troest, European finalist at the 2015 Olympic
Big intelligence, small pod
Through two intelligent pods, SHFT accurately tracks and analyses full body running style and statistics. It is comfortable to wear SHFT. With the spring loaded metal clip, the pod can be fastened on the side of the shoe and does not interfere with shoelaces. To secure the pod on the shoe, the pod has a silicone back with a grip pattern that keeps it in place.
Personal coach
The running data is transferred via bluetooth to SHFT app that translates it into simple, actionable and real-time coaching instructions. During the run, the runner listens to the virtual coach, gets individually tailored voice instructions and improves the performance with every run. SHFT app was designed and developed to work on both iOS and Android.
Improve, step by step
After each run, the runner gets a personal coach report that is direct and educational. The app makes it easy for the runner to overview his or her improvements, running statistics and to compare running data. Step by step, SHFT helps the runner to perfect the running style and corrects bad running habits to avoid injuries.
Watt, the new way measuring running efficiency
Wearing one pod around the chest and the other one fastened onto one of the shoes, the coach collects and analyses metrics that cover the runner’s full running style. SHFT works with Watt, a new metric changing the running’s industry’s look on how to run more efficiently.

Watt is the sum of the power sent on moving forward, braking, bouncing and the power used in lateral movements. Using Watt, the coach can ensure that the runner is not over-working during a long run or taking it to slow during an interval training session. Worn around the chest, the pod measures and gives feedback to the runner about body angle and body bounce.
Clipped onto the side of the shoe, the pod analyses a long row of metrics. Among other things, the coach gives feedback about steps length, ground contact time, landing position, landing angle, and running pace.
The SHFT to become a better runner
The brand identity not only reflects the pure energy, strength and speed that you experience as a runner but highlights the shift from one level to the next. Just as SHFT helps you become a better runner, step by step. The central core of the SHFT brand is to reach the next level, carried across from the design of the product and through the branding.
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