Lise Watier won the ELLE (Quebec & Canada) 2016 Beauty Grand Prix for six of their products. We were approached to design and direct a video showcasing the winning products. We imagined and made small worlds in which the camera progresses to reveal the products from all angles. It was shot entirely in stop motion.
Client Lise Watier
Director Guigue & Dakin (L'Éloi)
D.O.P. Nik Mirus (L'Éloi)
Art Directors Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez (Caravane), Francis Dakin-Côté (Caravane)
Set Design Jean-Constant Guigue (Caravane), Ashley Olivieri (Caravane)
Stop Motion Animator Jean-Constant Guigue (Caravane), Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez (Caravane) 
Production Karyne Bond (L'Éloi)
Post-production Francis Dakin-Côté (Caravane)
Music Alex da Cunha (NooKaaD Productions)