Components of Portable Electric Heaters
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    Portable heaters offer great maneuvarability and adaptability to anyone in need of a heat source for their workshop, office or home.
Portable Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are available in a wide array of designs. One such design is the portable electric heater. This kind of heater offers a versatile heat source that can easily be moved around and adjusted to suit your needs. 

Portable heaters are often used in conjunction with central heating systems to provide an extra boost of heat to areas that need it the most or to turn off said heating systems to save energy when heat is only required for a particular room.

What Features do they Have?

This style of the electric heater will come in a range of shapes and designs. The only shared feature is the heating element and the use of electricity. 

Some portable electric heaters will feature the following:

Wheels: Depending on the size, larger portable industrial electric heaters will include a set of wheels so you can easily push them around with minimal effort.

Power control: Most portable electric heaters of this type will feature a switch, dial or display that lets you alter the power of the heater; this doesn't necessarily mean the temperature and applies more to electric fan heaters that disperse the heat via an electric fan at variable strengths.

Temperature control: Aside from the power control, a portable electric heater may also have a temperature control dial or panel. 

This could simply be a knob that you turn to increase or decrease the temperature of the heating element or a LED screen that allows you to specify the amount of heat you want to be generated in that specific environment to the exact degree.

Why are they Useful?

Portable electric heaters are a great addition to have in many environments and offer real benefits to your home, office, small factory or public building. 

Some of their top advantages over traditional mounted or stationary heating devices is stated below:

Portability - The obvious benefit! Portable heaters are not an immovable fixture. You can place them anywhere you like. 

In most cases, they will also be smaller in size, so you will easily be able to lift one and carry it with you to where you want a source of heat, providing there is an appropriate plug socket.

Flexibility - An extension on portability, this kind of heater provides an extremely flexible source of heat. The generation of heat can be limited to one area or room instead of heating the whole building when multiple places don't need to be heated. 

If you ever require more heat in a certain area, you just simply unplug your heater and take it there.

Control - Portable electric heaters will have controls that allow you to alter the heat output and temperature. This gives you a greater level of control over the temperature of a room. 

Furthermore, as you can place the portable heater directly where you need heat, you can avoid turning a radiator on and waiting for that area of the room to get warm.

If you are looking for a device that can provide a rapid source of heat to a particular area, or a heater that you can carry or even take away with you, a portable electric heater is the ideal item.