• Come on Baby Like My Fire
    Daily commission illustrations by Fil Dunsky made in last 3 months
  • Mail.ru
    My two pieces for 2013 calendar about future
  • Micro Loans service
    for mili.ru
  • BigBon Noodles Advert
    Character design for TV ad made with ACProduction
  • Architectors portfolio
    under construction
  • Azerbaijan Bank Advert Concept
    sketch made for Jeykhun Imanov Studio
  • Advert illustrations for Svyaznoi
    made with Catzwolf Production
  • Photo Album for Kinder Chocolate
  • Illustrator: Fil Dunsky | Art Director: Vladimir Smirnov | Aimbulance Agency, Ukraine
  • Teva Farmacy postcard advert
    Horror on the kitchen while your mama is ill
  • Agency: Diversity (thediversity.ru) | Client: TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries LTD (teva.ru)
    Insight and idea: Katya Ivanova | Art-director: Mihail Kiryanov | Creative director: Vadim Shtepenko
    Illustrator: Fil Dunsky

  • You can view a lot of process stages in a gif here
  • Everything will be Sour Cream
  • Elpetra Energy postcard
  • Yandex Firefox
    with Bang! Bang! Studio
  • Cimena House Portraits
  • My very old personal
  • Thanks for appreciation!
    You can find more sketches and process stages at my new site