I first found Threadless several years ago, just when I was starting out as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator.  It gave me a great opportunity to hone my skills between client projects, and I quickly built up a portfolio that helped me land new work in t-shirt and apparel design.  Now nearly 50% of my work is for t-shirts, and I owe it all to Threadless for getting me started.

I've also been fortunate enough to have a number of my designs printed through Threadless, and I thought I'd collect them here, along with links to the product page for each one.
"3 Little Pigs: Mechanized Assault"

Fairy Tales  + Mech Warriors + Japanese Feudal Architecture + Samurai Armor.
Currently sold out.  Request a reprint here
"A Voyage of Discovery"

Not all ships travel the ocean.  Not all adventures happen outdoors.  

This was my very first t-shirt print, and one of the winners of the Threadless 555 competition for best use of 5 ink colors.
Currently sold out. Request a reprint here

Three things can no be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.  And a black eye.  Four, FOUR things.
One of my most popular designs, Eclipse has been reprinted 5 times, and is currently available here .
"How Many Licks?"

Rummaging in my grandfather's attic last weekend, I found an old trunk (that apparently had belonged to HIS grandfather) marked "Science Expedition - 1861".  Inside, along with a wild assortment of outdated (and rather questionable) scientific instruments, was a selection of notes and illustrations, most of which had disintegrated with age.  This diagram, showing the strata of the earth, was the only surviving document of their expedition. 

Currently sold out, you can request a reprint here
"A Collection of Flies"

Including the omnipresent Common Housefly, the luscious Fly Girl, and the loveable Marty McFly
Currently sold out. You can request a reprint here
"Medieval Knievel"

As the middle ages were drawing to a close, spectators began to grow bored of the once noble art of jousting, and longed for new and more exciting forms of entertainment.

One man stepped into that void.  A man of vision.  A man of courage.  A man with a really fast horse.  His name: Medieval Knievel.

Still available in some sizes
"I Wish I Were"

A perennial winter favorite at Threadless, this design was a finalist for their 2008 Design of the Year and has been reprinted several times.

Currently out of stock.  You can request a reprint here
"Vampires Beware"

Never again will you be caught off guard by blood-sucking creatures of the night as long as you have this shirt to protect you, adorned with a panoply of protective apparatuses.

Available for sale here and you can also see a full explanation of all of the items here