Moonvalley Wines reception building
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    The reception building of Moonvalley Wines is a complex of a renovated 170-year old building and its modern extension.
Vinery Building
Mád, Hungary

The vinery ofMoonvalley Wines Tokaj is located in the village of Mád in the Tokaj Mountains,a traditional wine-making area in Hungary, Europe. The builing is the extensionof an existing one, the first memories of which are from 1849. The building'soriginal structure was a traditional spatial sequence, which was later extendedby several smaller parts. Because of the critical condition of the extension wedemolished this part. The main load barring structure could be kept, this iswhy we decided to rebuild the original mass in contrast with the contemporaryarchitectural elements of our design, for example the newly designed doors andwindows. Our aim was to emphasize the contrast between the ancient stone wallsand the new windows. We also provided the building with new function: the newlybuilt part is the vinery, while the offices and a tasting room are situatedbehind the ancient stone walls.

Lead architect: Péter Bordás
Architects: Tamás Tolvaj, Ildikó Pém
Photo: Júlia Szendrői