NIM Architects were established in 2014.
Three different individuals who share a common vision: to create content through constant research and productive restlessness. The office undertakes large and small scale assignments. They aim at inspirational solutions in the fields of architecture, interior and product design.

When, back in the summer of 2016, we were asked to rebrand NIM architects in order to strengthen its image and increase its relevance, we decided to create a visual identity that would be refreshing and striking while emphasizing the bonds between the team members.

Having those things in mind, a new logo was designed, comprising three letters, one for each founding member of the NIM team. The logo works both as a cluster forming the NIM acronym, and as separate segments marking each of the three members' business card with a logo of his/her own.

Black and white where chosen as the brand's main colours with a splash of yellow here and there. A clean sans serif font (Gill Sans) is heavily used, complimented by a monospace secondary font. 

Client: NIM Architects
Production: TROUT
Creative direction : TROUT / George Kalofolias 
Web Design: TROUT / George Mpaourdas / George Kalofolias
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