Save Their Job
They count on you
A country, a city, an education, some accidents and encounters, anything that is out of control defines us, by the artifice we exist through multiple appearances and personalities, these contrasted caricatures reminds us our own fear to fail our life. If we had been someone else, if we lived in another era, would we be satisfied with our life?
Darmesh, platform supervisor in a hotline company.
Elliot, intern in a webdesign startup.
Beatrice, waitress in a tea-shop.
Vince, supply manager in the 4-colors-pen departement.
Martin, computer teacher.
Twiggy, product manager in a Eco Bio Natural company.
Salvatin, parade choreographer in an amusement park.
Bastian, consultant in a consulting company.
Liberty, receptionist in a funeral store.
Giorgio, chef at an exotic restaurant.
Albert, image consultant.
Babeth, in a high end tupperware party franchise.
Peter, maternity photographer.
Henry, CEO Assistant in marketing.
Margaret, event planner for remarriage.
Stanislas, hair colorist for dog.
Miguel, real estate specialist in Cuba.
Eleonor, educator replacement in a nursery.
Oscar, unemployed.