VT Wine Label
In 2011, H. Torma, a lawyer by occupation and a passionate winemaker, after several years of making wine and serving it to his closest friends decided to update the generic label he had used up to that time. He approached us with the request of designing a simple label with only the most basic information about the wine on it, as he had no intentions of turning it into a commercial product. Being close friends of his, he had full confidence that we would make it the best we could, and hence has let us design it without any constraints.
The idea was to take a more modern approach, rethinking the somehow exhausted prototype of a vintage wine label. Taking the same old motifs of a vineyard and a vine, we designed a more abstract graphic featuring a minimalistic logo over it.
Since 2011, H. Torma has made more wine than never before, taken it to various wine fairs in the region as an independent exhibitor, but stayed true to his “not for sale” motto along the way, never selling a single bottle of wine.