Magistr Beer 
VSV Management Group s.r.o. 
(Prague, the Czech Republic)

Beer under brand MAGISTR combines best traditions of Czech brewing. Each kind of beer (there are around 15 various grades) is an individual creation of best Czech brewers.  Recipes and technology of brewing MAGISTR beer are the same as in the Middle Ages. They are still kept secret, and these secrets are available only to the chosen.

Task: Complex development of visual solutions for a new brand market entry


Development was based on the brand legend, according to which title "Great Magistr" emerged in Middle ages and was held by distinguished persons and leaders of spiritual and higher knight orders.  Inspired by the preimage of the migistr, team developed a complex of visual elements to introduce brand MAGISTR to the market, including corporate identity and promotion materials. 

Project - is a result of a fruitful joint design with company Ladya Group Inc. (Prague)

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Magistr Beer