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    Graffiti become awkward and melancholic creatures

I want to talk about a small world, hidden, silent and widespread in all our cities.Weird, colorful, melancholic and ironic creatures... that's where I focus my attention, binding them into a single cry, though silent.Painted by various writers, they do not damage the city as the ugly tags of vandals, but they seem to be little pieces of art that color subways and anonymous concrete walls.
When I started this work, I wouldn't have imagined to reach this result. Seeing again these images I find out that everything seems reversed. Graffiti do not hurt the city, but it's the city itself that annoys these figures, as if they would carve out a space in their sub-world.Sad monsters, dark and disturbing characters wandering silently about the streets, going alongside us while we walk, while we go to work.. and sometimes frighten us or make us smile with their clumsiness, becoming so familiar to our eyes.And still they have their own voice, sometimes it's a cry, chorally given... they represent the need to communicate.. a message left by someone, a gloomy whisper. But what are they shouting? Perhaps it's a call for help, to get out of the wall or run away from there.
These photographs want to capture the poetry and the nuances that lurk behind the corners of the city, between the urban districts of Rome, the hidden streets of Florence and Barcelona.