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Ver 9. Husky x3 comic styles

Ver 9. Iron Husky

Ver 9. SuperHusky

Ver.10.5 Fly me to the MOON, & Ver.9 H3D3

Ver.10.5 Dark Knight

Ver.10.5,  Fighting x3

Ver.9, Dream Wedding Husky

Ver.10.5 & Ver.9, Spacesuit Husky

Ver.12, HuskyRescue, HR02 & HR03

Ver.12, HuskyRescue, White Team

Ver.12, Dark Knight

Ver.12, HuskyRescue, Dark Team

Ver.15th, SuperHusky Aome

Ver.15th, 露骨Husky

Ver.15th, 小學雞 & Super雞

Husky Cafe 哈士奇咖啡店, 8cm figure set

HuskyKingdom 哈士奇王國,8cm figure set