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    Checkers and Rally's Restaurants Outdoor Billboard Advertising

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana and surrounding states, and locals were left without homes and jobs and were in dire need of help getting back on their feet. Checkers & Rally’s took this disaster to heart and developed the CARE program, which to date has awarded more than $450,000 to over 540 employees in need. The program provides relief to any qualified employee within the Checkers & Rally’s system, whether an hourly or salary, following disasters, both natural and personal.

The funds that support the CARE program are raised by the Checkers & Rally’s family, including both corporate and franchise employees and vendors, and given back to those within the Checkers & Rally’s family. The Checkers & Rally’s team has developed several different methods to build awareness and raise money for the CARE program with one of the biggest contributors being an auction of restaurant equipment and other desired products at the annual convention. Last year, this initiative raised nearly $40,000 from the auction alone, and was a large contributor to the 117 employees helped by the program in 2017. Other initiatives include raffles, coupon books sold for $1.00 at all franchisee- and corporate-owned locations and Restaurant Support Center employees donating $5.00 to wear jeans.