Cages Map

In the Spring of 2011, I audited a class called Mapping the City. One of the assignments was to create a map based on a piece of fiction.

“Cages” is a graphic novel by Dave McKean which takes place in one city block, centering around a house with 6 tenants. Each tenant inhabits one floor of the house, allowing me to map each character's story to their floor. Action which happens outside of the house emerges as an exploded view, folding from the appropriate level. Each "page" of the map contains a new day in the lives of the inhabitants.

The narrative follows a non-linear structure, where time is fluid and windows can see into the past and future. This piece is an attempt to re-impose a linear structure on the events of the book, while still visually displaying the actions as they appear to the characters in the story. By physicalizing the plot, the viewers’ understanding of the story becomes intertwined with their interactions with the piece as an object.

Final Piece