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    Colourful visual identity for a video production company.
Drömfabriken / The factory of dreams
Small colourful videoproduction company from up north
Drömfabriken (The factory of dreams) was meant to be a small videoproduction company. I did the whole concept, including name, logo, design and some advertising ideas. However the project was cancelled, but since I had a lot of fun doing it I finished the work. Most of the work was done in 2011–2012.
Combined poster and CD-case.
Guerilla marketing for agencies
The biggest advantage with Drömfabriken was supposed to be the simplicity to work with them. This is an idea of how to communicate this to agencies. When the recipient push the button the box generates a pre-recorded telephone call to the recipients phone.
Hi <Client name>!
Did you just push the button? Simple, right? Working with us at Drömfabriken is just that simple. We’re a small film production company, and we’re perfect for you. We know that your working days easy end up in as well evenings as weekends. That’s why you should work with us. Our small size enables personal contact, quick decisions and dedication. Along with our experience and servicemindness it makes us a great partner, and help you end your workday in time. So ”push the button” and get in touch on this number, or read more about us on dromfabriken.se. Bye!