Most of us are aware that our brains consist of two distinct parts; the left and right hemispheres. Separate yet still connected with each other. The hemispheres perform different tasks that are opposite from each other.

In general, experts agree on the fact that one specific hemisphere is dominant in each individual .The general consensus is that the left part of the brain creates the mathematical and logical side of life. We'll talk about the left and the right part of the brain, but in fact we are talking about one set of brains. 

The left side is often associated with thoughts and languages. People with this dominant hemisphere often perform better in subjects such as mathematics, physics and languages.

The right brain, on the other hand, is associated with creativity, the big picture, non-rational and spatial thinking. Using your left or right brain has nothing to do with the quality of the result, but more towards the result.

My dominant right side of my brain shows who I truely am.