For the Fall of 2016, I was contracted for on-site freelance design at Derek Jeter's sports media agency The Players' Tribune, helping them develop static logos (lock ups) for their upcoming video series, investment pitch decks in Magazine format, and social media assets.  

Here are collection of select logo drafts:

Rule Change
Fans and athletes are asked "if there was one rule you could change in professional sports what would it be?"
When animated, this logo was erased as if on a chalk board and "re-drawn" in the brand's Publico san-serif font
Welcome To The... 
Athletes were interview about the moment they were drafted to the majors 
When animated, this logo was revealed via a "scratch-off" effect, like it was a lottery ticket
Richard Sherman's talk show
Studio B: Teenage Jobs
Shorts about jobs that famous athletes had while teenagers
Studio B: Moment I Knew
Shorts about the moment athlete's realized that they wanted to pursue a career in professional sports
Studio B: Home Sweet Home
Shorts where athlete's talk about their humble beginnings playing sports in their home town
First Step
an eight-part video series featuring athletes engaging communities most affected by today's social issues