KADRIL VIP the Bungalow
karaoke & restaurant

Location: Moscow, Pushechnaya str., 7/5
Purpose: Karaoke-bar
Total space: 70 m2
State: implemented in 2016
Photo: Aleksey Svirin
Interior design: finoarte design studio

“Kadril” karaoke-bar is a two-floor complex area with five different halls and interiors, professional sound and lighting equipment. The biggest VIP hall consists of a Californian bungalow. The Mexican décor is combined with the western North-American coast in this place. The interior has all kinds of light wood shades: wooden ceilings, walls, furniture and decorations make the area cozier. Textiles add the bright accents to the zone. Curtains, drapes and rugs help to play according to the selected style and colors. We decided to make the hall as homely as possible so that every guest could forget that he is in the bar at the city center and not at the comfort of his own home.
"KADRIL VIP the Bungalow" karaoke & restaurant, Moscow