Architect: Yana Vesnina, Olga Sorokina
Project Year: 2017
Location: Gomel, Belarus
Area: 149 sq.m


Kunzhut, cafe

The main goal of the interior was to challenge a stereotype about fast food restaurants as ones without soul and homeliness, ones with bright aggressive colors. Thus, we have chosen natural, light materials, which are pleasant to touch, alongside with delicate color accents.
We created a functional space. The whole area is divided into two zones. One can have a snack in the first room, and come to the second room for a desert. Wooden furniture with bright color nuances, white tiles, potted flowers and walls’ décor – all this contributes creates fresh and light space.
The neutral flooring is mixed with contrasting hexagons. A geometrical pattern is also present on the bar counters as well as on pillars in the form of dimensional panels. We also paid much attention to various seating areas – fast-paced at the bar for those who are in a hurry; and soft places in the niche with zoned light.
Kunzhut cafe