Toronto Distillery District
I've taken so many pics this summer. Some have been just for fun while others I've had a final image in mind (sometimes the just for fun ones can surprise you).  I've found myself either taking pics of the same subject or wandering to the same area of the city. The repeated images of the subjects are just because I find them interesting while the diferent areas around town always seem so vibrant.
The Distillery District is one of those areas I find myself going back to. Established in 1831, the distillery is now filled with galleries, boutiques and restaurants. It's also a great place for people watching and has an amazing micro-brewery where you can get a damn fine pint of ale. Everytime I make my way there, I find something new, a new building, a new corridor, a new machine and almost everything is different than the last time because most of the interiors are naturally lit by skylights and is constantly changing.
More pics to come.