ShapeMe is a casual puzzle video game for mobile devices.
My role in this project was Art Direction, illustration and design of characters, elements and world maps, UX-UI design, some animations and some game levels design too.

Welcome to a world where all human dreams are close to disappearing.
ShapeMe is a wonderful geometric puzzle game, guided by an adventure.
Help Nino solve puzzles, and find the other Amers along the way.

The Game
These figures can be triangles, squares, circles, but then compound figures are introduced and the game turns into something much more challenging and interesting as a more forceful strategy has to be devised in order to achieve the goal.

The Adventure
Nino is the last one of his species and also the only alchemist who knows how to bring his people back to life. 
“The old legend says that for an Amer to resurge it is necessary to gather and put together a certain number of elements.”
Help Nino to put all the elements together and save the Amers and, in this way, your own dreams will no longer be in danger!

The Teamwork
Darío Levin: Director
Fernando Chitnisky: Sound designer and writer
Leandro Mangado: Art Director
Cecilia Estefan: Art assistant / UX-UI designer 
Diego Medina: iOS developer
Pablo Caviglia: Android and BackEnd developer

Publisher: Umbrella Games

· Some of the first sketches ·
· Final Characters Cards ·
· Lost Objects icons ·
· Some UI example ·
· Scrolling Map ·
· Some gameplay screenshots ·
· Branding ·
Download ShapeMe from the App Store and Google Play.
iOS - Android


ShapeMe is a casual puzzle video game for mobile devices.