Illustration / Design / Concept Art / Animation / Motion Graphics

Concept illustrations I created for the animation of openings and titles for a documentary series on family and family rights in Colombia. For the OEI and the ICBF. The idea was to create an habitat for each video, for a total of 6 different contexts and also the design and animation of lower thirds for each. I kinda loved this so much, that now I really want to do some more work on biology, physics, medicine and overall science. If you have projects on this subjects, don't hesitate to contact me! 
Forest Scene Concept
A second option for the Forest Scene, and The Opening of The Episode With its title.
Forest Scene.
Ocean Scene Concept
Ocean Scene Opening Title
Desert Scene Concept
Desert Scene Opening Title
River Scene Concept
River Scene Opening Title
Swamp Scene Concept
Swamp Scene Opening Title
Birds Scene Concept that wasn't used in the final videos, but I'm actually really fond of.
For these videos, I animated part of the opening scenes, and mostly, the banners for the interviews and some back animations.