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    Red envelopes for Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year). Gold metallic ink screen printed on red French Paper.
Custom red envelopes for the Lunar New Year. Gold metallic ink screen printed on red French Paper. Added a bit of southern flavor using a Magnolia flower instead of the traditional Narcissus flower. Also, I didn't want to depict anything from the Chinese Zodiac as I wanted these to be used for any year. I'll have something else for next year :)

I laid out the design to yield two envelopes off a single 12.5"x 19" sheet of paper. I didn't have access to a die cutter so I had to manually cut out the design with an x-acto knife. A folding bone was used to score and fold the envelopes. The side and bottom flaps were secured using standard glue. The top flap has double sided tape for sealing the envelope.

Completed envelope is measured at 3"x 6.5".
Paper: Electric Red (construction grade, cover type, 80lb weight) by French Paper.
Printing: Inkwell Press.
About 200 envelopes were made.