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    The Economist; Most Women marketing campaign. Placed top 5 DMA Awards 2016.
Marketing campaign for The Economist, entered for the 2016 DMA Awards.

Above: The main concept. 
Below: The supporting copy. 
Below: The brief summarised – rebalance the readership, increasing the ratio of female subscribers to 40% from just 29% 
Below: My approach was to turn this low percentage around, and present it as an indicator of the type of woman who reads The Economist. My reasoning is such: while most women don't read TE, those who do are perhaps not embarrassed, as suggested by the brief, but knowingly of an elite – and unlike most women.
The strategy is to appeal to readers of other publications who share this feeling of being unlike most other women – just as the natural feeling of most individuals that they are unlike anyone else.
The second stage of the campaign, after launching the initial Most Women approach, is to invite readers to identify themselves.