BBC Philharmonic Season Two
After an successful first season of photography with the BBC Philharmonic(Which you can see in this Behance Gallery)I have been asked back to create season two. 

There are images of the Orchastra playing and also landscapes to reflect the themes of all their concerts. As the season progresses I will be uploading more work to this gallery so you can see the project develop.

Computer wallpapers of this work are available on my site here, and prints are available in my shop.
Wagner's 'Götterdämmerung - Twilight of the Gods'
See a bigger version here.
Here's a new picture, taken inside the wonderful Tatton Hall for the BBC Philharmonic. It's to go with a concert which features Pomp & Circumstance.

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And you can see lots more work from my BBC Philharmonic project here.
I made this picture for an upcoming BBC Philharmonic concert that features The Firebird by Stravinsky.

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Again collaborating with the amazing dancer Clare Fildes to make this picture.

I looked at the wonderful Powell and Pressburger film 'The Red Shoes' for inspiration.

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Here's a new pictures of mine taken inside Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, made for the BBC Philharmonic for a Bach and Bruckner concert.

You can see a more detailed version here.

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New image for the BBC Philharmonic, this one for Stravinsky's Symphony of Winds.

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You can see a much bigger version of this here.

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I was working with the amazing dancer Clare Fildes and took the image inside Manchester's Dance House studios, slightly rebuilt in photoshop and with my own studio lighting.
This is the latest image for my BBC Philharmonic posters, this one for The Wood Nymph, by Sibelius. Created from images I took over a whole forest in the Brecon Beacons at Easter.

You can see a nice big version on my site and other images from this collaboration here.

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This new image was created for a BBC Philharmonic performance of Stravinsky's 'The Right of Spring' that happens on the 9th of May.

You can see a more detailed version here.

And prints are available from my shop, with 15% off in the run up to Christmas.

Elements of the image were shot in the Hulme Hippodrome & also the Lowry Theater where I worked with dancers, Clare Fildes & Anthony Missen.

With the image I wanted to reference the first performance of The Right of Spring, where there was a near riot in the audience. So I chose the crumbling but beautiful Hulme Hippodrome as the background of this image.

See lots more photography from this project here.
Here's my latest picture for the BBC Philharmonic, made for there upcoming concert which features Dvorak Symphony No 7.

I wanted to capture the energy and drive of this music and also something of the era when it was written.

You can see
this shot in lots more detail here.

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The image is built from many elements, including a train I photographed in Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry and an old disused rail track called the Monsel Trail, which runs between Buxton and Bakewell in the Peak District. The trail is now a cycle and walking path so it was interesting to (digitally) put a train on there for the first time since 1968.

The brief for all the images featured in the BBC Philharmonic’s Bridgewater Hall Season concert print, has been to reflect the mood and tone of the music featured. This particular programme features Dvorak’s Symphony No. 7: Antonin Dvorak was inspired to write his Seventh Symphony after he saw a train arriving in Prague, bringing his countrymen in from Pest. The symphony is a reflection of Czech political struggle at the end of the 19th Century and we felt the dynamic image of the locomotion rushing through the countryside reflected both the inspiration and the mood of the programme.
Here's my latest image created for the BBC Philharmonic. This one made to feature on the poster for Beethoven's wonderful Pastoral Symphony.

You can see a more detailed version of the image here.

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Here's a new BBC Philharmonic picture, taken in Tatton Park during the summer, for the Philharmonic's concert of Beethoven's Musik zu einem Ritterballett.

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Devils Kitchen
Here's a new landscape from my BBC Philharmonic project, created for the poster for Mahler's Symphony No. 5. It's shows the an area called the Devils Kitchen which is in Snowdonia, such dramatic landscapes in that part of North Wales.

See a more detailed version of this shot and more from this project here.

And prints of this and many other shots available here.

Here's a closer look at how I made the horse and rider for my Wagner image.

The image on the right is the one I made and used within the final picture and was based on "In Manus Tuas Domine" by Riviere Briton, which is one of the amazing paintings in the Manchester Art Gallery.

To build the armor of the knight I photographed many items in the galleries Craft & Design room and totally reshaped and built many together. Also, as in quite a few of my shots I've put myself on the horse. Always like to put these odd little details in my shots.
Here's the 1st new image from my second season of photography working with the BBC Philharmonic. This is a shot of them inside the Bridgewater Hall and will feature as the cover of there latest brochure.

Take a look at a more detailed version here.

New image from the Bridgewater Hall, see a bigger version here on my site.
New image from the Bridgewater Hall, see a bigger version here on my site.