"Re-elect Mayor Ron LeLeux" Political Campaign
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Last November I was hired to work on a local re-election campaign. I served many roles throughout the duration of the campaign. One of these roles was designer. The candidate was the current mayor, and had ran once before. Because of this I inherited the existing campaign graphics from the previous race.
I did take some creative liberties with the campaign design, although not much. My design plan was to slowly incorporate the color red into the design as we neared election day, using red as an identifier along the way. One of the first things that I did for the campaign was take a series of photographs of the candidate. These photos were used throughout the campaign, and worked well on the outdoor designs.
We had a very heavy social media arm to this campaign, and the candidates site was an important part of that, incorporating Facebook, Twitter, a blog and You Tube channel. This site, combined with traditional media resources, was extremely valuable in our efforts to keep the voters informed.
Newspaper and print publication advertising is still very useful in our market.
We used newspaper and print to inform the public about important updates on the candidates site. We were able to directly correctly spikes in site traffic to print run dates.
Door to door visiting is important in local campaigns, and this one was not different. We provided the client with an attractive push card and matching door hanger that he and his team could hand out.
Campaign buttons and lapel stickers added an element of fun to the campaign.
Direct mail also played it's part in this campaign. Direct mail went out closer to election day to serve as a reminder for early voting. As you can see, by this point in the campaign I was using more red in the candidate's layouts.
Our market has a large number of digital outdoor displays available. We used this medium to give important updates to voters about fundraisers, web updates and voting reminders. On the last two days of the campaign, red was used heavily to emphasize the importance of voting.