Espetáculo do Pedro
Peter Show
The entry fee is paid with imagination.

It’s the world’s first stuffed toys performance for stuffed toys.

It all started with four friends and a young dad from Lisbon that, instead of staring to the stuffed toy (Pedro), decided to think of 
a surprise for the kid: inviting all the stray toys laying around us for a unique performance with the objective to offer them to the children of the Pediatric Hospital of D. Estefânia in Lisbon. 

The result? 

An idea that grew, reuniting more than 400 stuffed toys all over Portugal that transformed into a super production envied by any coliseum in the world – all done from a living room.

Proof that imagination is all that is needed to make a smile.
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Technical Data Sheet
The project was initially an incentive of four friends from Lisbon: 
rancisco Eduardo, Francisco Luz, Benedita Pereira and Armanda Santana.

The team grew organically, developing from direction to print ads.

Francisco Eduardo e Gonçalo Sbrugens

Assistant Direction
Benedita Pereira e Armanda Santana

Art direction
Francisco Eduardo e Francisco Luz

Francisco Luz

César Sousa

Francisco Cruz

Gonçalo Sbrugens

Social Media
Sara Maia

Scene Photography
Júlio Lobo Pimentel

Júlio Torres

Stuffed toys given
Children and adults from north to south.

Print ads
Francisco Eduardo, Benedita Pereira, Francisco Luz