I Am Who I Am Because of Everyone
Infographic Graduation Project
How do you measure how the emotional effect of the people around you? My aim was to explore something as intangible as emotion and create a diagram that transforms it into a visual, tangible form.

The diagram is made up of groups of rings for each person who has had an effect on my life. Each ring represents each year this person has had an impact on me, each colour a type of emotion, and every person is linked into a network of people according to friends, family etc.

The colours I used represent different emotions with warm colours working as positive emotions such as love, and the cooler colours showing anger or hate. The thickness of each line represents the strength of that emotion for that particular year. I also designed the diagram so that people closer to the centre (me) are people who are closer in my life at the moment. The people towards the edge of the diagram are people who I have drifted away from or have passed away.

For this project I created both a print piece, and an interactive animation.