Hesdes Summer Festival 2012
Hesdes Summer Festival 2012
Another year, another big party.

This is the branding for this year Hesdes party. This time I decided to make something more "analogic" and to use folded paper was my first thought.

I was looking for some inspiration and I barely get 2 or 3 creative projects that gave me some kind of hints and inspiration, but troubles started to appear, card paper is not the best candidate to make something smooth and "happy", it requires a lot of precision and patience because is not as easy to manage as it seems.

So my companion on this, @azaharaouyeah showed me an alternative, the "EVA foam", I didn't know anything about it, but when we started, all the problems and frustrations disappeared. This material is so easy and gratefull to use that I would recommend it to you if you want to make something similar, you won't regret!

Also thanks to timelapse technique we made a beautifull making of video from the whole proccess.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do making it :)

Making of
The poster.
The process.
Project start!
#creating fire with glue and foam
#testing layouts and dimensions
#social network icons...and beer
Close ups.
The timelapse.
#don't be afraid of a white canvas
#team members
#happy start
#glue time
#checking previews
#testing final layout
#is the gopro recording, oh yes...
#taking pictures for post-production
The ticket system.
All years I design a ticket for the party and all the attendants must get one printed and bring to the event in order to receive their welcome pack.

This year I used a new online selling system called "Ticketea". This site allows you to create free events with tickets managing, attendees listings, sell tickets from your site directly, and a great iOS app to check the QR codes at the party reception....

I must say that they gave me a very great free service, making the party experience even better.

Here is a sample of the tickets the attendants receive in their mail inboxes.
The welcome pack.
Badges in the welcome pack.
The party.
Hesdes Summer Festival 2012

Hesdes Summer Festival 2012

Branding for 12nd Hesdes Summer Festival.


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