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RECORD ROOTS - Modular frames for your vinyl records.
“In early 2016 I moved into new accommodation which didn’t have any interior decoration. For some time, the walls remained plain and my records sat in the corner of my living room. Not only does my record collection represent many hours of music, each vinyl comes with a 12 inch square album cover with attractive album artwork on it. I set about a project to display my vinyl on the wall without framing it behind glass and without requiring any sort of nails. The resulting design is called RECORD ROOTS.” - Felix Kenchington
Webbing straps hold the top and bottom edge of each record flat against the wall.
Unlike other vinyl displays, each record is not trapped behind glass so it can be played quickly and easily.
Each section has an open ended zip on the edge meaning that sections can be joined together to display as many or as few records as you like.
RECORD ROOTS - Modular frames for your vinyl records.