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PROJECT : Element Radio
YEAR : 2009

Element Radio is an exploration into how radio can be made more relevant and interactive, creating a more two-way communication. The radio comprises of a large remote touch screen, and a speaker dock station. The remote screen allows for glance-able information to be displayed, enhancing the radio experience. Element Radio is designed for use in the home.The radio supports all three major platforms, FM, DAB and WiFi, and the cross category criteria, makes searching the platforms even easier.The radio has been designed to introduce new audiences to a media that has arguably been left behind in this technological age. Generation C makes up the market, users who are digital natives and require all their media devices to be connected. With this in mind Element Radio links up through the wireless connection to communicate with the user?s computer, making it a more holistic and integrated product. Another characteristic of Generation C is their interaction with the media they use. Element Radio provides a platform for the radio producers to create any type of interactive media they choose, allowing users to be involved in their radio. Users are treated as active participants in the experience, rather than passive listeners.Featured in the Journal newspaper & website.