Character Designs: Kanina Coineanach and Iora Jordeka
Kanina Coineanach
The only daughter of the noble Coineanach family, Kanina is seventh in line for the throne behind the royal family. She lives in Catocala Castle with her parents, Harena and Lepus, and teacher, Feorag. She was largely raised by her mother and teacher, as her father is largely busy doing his job as a diplomat. She is very well educated but lacks forethought, and often acts impulsively. Her temper can get her into trouble, but she thinks very well on her feet. She doesn’t express sadness or loneliness easily, and instead tends to lash out in anger. She does not instinctively question the institutions around which she has been raised. Physically, she is very adept at using brute force, but isn’t particularly quick on her feet. 
The youngest child of a master carpenter Jidmo Jordeka, Iora works as an apprentice in her family’s workshop. She and her brother Talun look after the shop in their father’s absence as he trades down the river. Iora’s mother died when she was young, leaving her a cloak and pin that she wears frequently. Her best friend is a mouse by the name of Lucha, who lives down the road. She possesses above-average intelligence and taught herself to read, but lacks access to any kind of formal education. She is restless in her role as a carpentry student and doesn’t show much natural talent for the job, and as a result tends to find herself entertained by less-than-legal hobbies such as recreationally stealing from wealthy rabbits and squirrels. She does not approve of the social norms of her society but feels helpless to change them. She is a very analytical thinker and is excellent at planning, but tends to freeze up when directly confronted. Physically, she is very dexterous and quick, but not very strong.