NDI (Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus)

My Son was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic kidney disorder known as NDI. Despite its name, it is not actually a form of diabetes. His kidneys do to receive the brain hormone which tells them to retain water and release sodium. The long term outcome and prognosis is very positive and he will hopefully be able to live a normal life. He will just be urinating more frequently and consumer tons more water then the average person. Diagnosing the ailment and initially treating the disease is more more complicated. Babies present to the hospital with signs of dehydration and exhaustion. The common cure for this is IV fluids. These fluids then lead to sodium build up and further dehydration in a vicious circle of confusion. The big initial problem is a quick sodium build up which leads to brain and stomach bleeding and can lead to brain damage. Fortunately my son was treated by very good doctors who got his problem under control before sodium levels spiked to high.

As a graphic artist I tend to understand and comprehend with visuals better then science textbooks. And thus I created the NDI chart highlight just how rare this disease is, and the basic understanding of how it works!

I also started a blog to track my son's progress. If anyone is interested: