Being with Prabhu

'Being with Prabhu' is an ongoing series in which I try to look into life & work of my friend Prashant Prabhu. I met him when I moved to Mumbai 5 years back. I found a place in Dadar and he was my neighbor. One day when he invited me for coffee, I entered his room. It was a mess, colorful mess! As I have been an art student, immediately there was a connection.

Then I became a frequent visitor, I used to show up every weekend to his place as I used to like seeing him do his work and have conversations over lot of subjects. In small time we become real good friends. Then I came to know about his personal life. He is a post graduate in commerce, comes from a town called Udupi from Karnataka. His father wanted him to continue their family business but his inclination was painting and he started doing it by his own, became a self-taught artist.

He has done more than 15 solo shows. He is been awarded State award in 2003 and has been top 10 (finalist) in worldwide competitions of International artist magazine in Landscape (2009) and Seascape (2010). Yet what I see is a person leading a very unglamorous, simple life. At this moment I felt the need of documenting his life the way I see it and the images are the results of my explorations so far.