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    9 tiny drawings of Lego Castle sets from the nineties made with colouring pencils and black pens on A5 paper.
 'Lego Castle'

Lego Castle is a mini-series of 9 tiny drawings made with colouring pencils and black pens.

They are based on my previous series of Lego sets drawings from the nineties; Lego Pirates and Lego Paradisa that comprise over 40 drawings.

If you enjoyed the previous series you will probably enjoy this one :) and if you enjoy this series and haven't checked Lego Pirates and Lego Paradisa projects you should do it now!!

Please 'like' my page for more info & keep in touch with new drawings and this is updated regularly :)



 Lego Castle Armour Shop,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle Viking Voyager,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle King's Mountain Fortress,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle Wolfpack Tower,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle Forestmen's River Fortress,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle Wizard's Cart,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle Majisto's Majical Workshop,       Aurélie © 2012 
 Lego Castle Dark Dragon's Den,       Aurélie © 2012