BASHI - underwear washing machine

From the Habit of Hand-laundry

A main principle of washing machine, drum-rolling has been kept over 100 years while washing machines are developed. During that time, clothes has been constantly diversified. Many delicate clothes have appeared including underwear. 
Users had to do hand-laundry or use laundry nets to keep delicate clothes safe from rough drum-rolling washing machines.
We needed a new way of washing clothes.  ​​​​​​​
I just took a shower, and my clothes are washed.

In share- house, showing one's underwear to others may cause resistance. And waiting for my turn to use washing machine was also a problem. I could see a girl hand-washing one's underwear while taking shower. If one could wash underwear while taking shower, many problems could be solved.

A short, but tall thoughtful rotating interface.

Touch panel rotates with glass cover together. While controlling the machine, one does not have to bend waist. Otherwise while it's working, one can easily check the status through rotated panel. 

Water softening, ultra-wave system.

BASHI wash underwear by using ultrasonic and water softening system instead of rolling drums to protect delicate clothes 
from damage. Since it does not rotate clothes inside, clothes can be kept safe.

Soft and pure.

While existing washing machines were looked strong and powerful, BASHI tried to make soft and pure mood by it's rounded shape and CMF.


Sumin Shin, 2016