Facebook Application (offline)
When I first started at NYC based start-up GameGround in 2010, the product was a desktop client the user would download. The client would track your gaming stats and display on their website. Mid-2011 the company decided to change directions and thus their move to Facebook as a gaming application.

As lead designer I handled the re-branding. I worked with our Project Manager to create a wireframe, then bring it to life in the designs below. I also handled the creation of the new logo, all assets (like the coin graphic below) and all the marketing design leading up to and after the launch of the app. As of writing this post, the application has over 1,000,000 monthly active users and we continue to update and refresh the design. I’ve included final Photoshop designs below of some of the major sections of the current design

More Designs and Concepts: 
Branding elements. Redesigned logo + coin icon graphic
Main homepage for the app. 
Game page, featuring small info on the game itself along with all tournaments available. 
Summary screen after finishing a game. 
Tournament listings, showing the players standing in active and finished tournament sessions