The Second Ceramic Contest
of Cecilia Akemi's Atelier
One year has passed since the last contest and this year it was created a new and harder challenge for the students and artists of the atlier: to create a creamic utilitary that could serve a specific dish created by the two head chefs at Saperian, a company which promotes inovation through gastronomy.
Once again, it was a chalenge to creat the visual identidy aswell; following the ideology we started last year, i wanted to create an invitation that was informative and ate the same time, a token , something to keep.
at the same time, i wanted to have something intirely new, with no relation with the design used last year, so i've started everything from scratch: the surface design of the paper, the type of illustrations and visual identidy to be used, how to deal with the theme.
First the logo who could mingled all the atelier ideology as ceramic and design creation, the new contest theme and the partnership with the two Chefs.
After that the idea of a illustrated recipe book as a giftbook/ invitation set visual identidy we wanted.
The Gift Book of Cullinaire was the idea; a illustrated book with the recipes envolved in the contest as a gift to the Juri  for psrticipating in conteste.

Along with the book, we have made informative mails and wall cards tokeep the contestents up dated and up and running.