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Eleanor L. Vault

Music Branding
Folk Minimalist
This was a project created in Music Branding Class at Ringling College of Art and Design. For the class we were to pick an unknown band and or make one up and design an identity for the band as well as promotional materials. For the band that I chose to create Eleanor L. Vault is a real band that i chose to re-brand. They are an indie band currently in France. For our final we had a show to display our work. The final outcome was posters, buttons, mustaches/beards (stick-on's), Vinyl and packaging (All Hand made) as well as a music lyric book and a media player that you could potentially download and install on your computer to play Eleanor L. Vault's music!  

This song is by the original band of Eleanor L.Vault the music that inspired my designs, you can find at http://amiestreet.com/music/eleanor-l-vault/