Faroe Islands - Housing
The architecture proposed is simple, it positions itself and is conditioned by its environment as a total poetic work of contextual, site specific zero carbon architecture.

The housing typologies respond and are inspired by the following parameters: Non destructive construction methods, Extreme Weather, Exposure, Heritage and Faroese Culture.

The homes do not touch the ground and are placed delicately on gabion walls minimising distruption to the terrain. This approach protects the site, celebrates and retains a certain natural porosity to the existing landscape condition. It allows Anabatic and Katabatic winds to flow freely under the home and provides a place of refuge for domesticated animals and sheltered outdoor activities.

All houses are ultra-low energy homes. The energy concept of the homes adopts a Passivhaus – fabric first strategy, by providing a highly insulated envelope with absolute air tightness.

Our ambition is to create a Faroe islands region specific model of sustainability, based on the progressive and sustainable living concepts developed within the design.