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    Innovation in Education campaign for BrainSTARS.
Innocation in Education - Campaign
BrainSTARS is an organisation dedicated to fostering and nurturing the movement of Science Education in India. We act as the bridge between the formal education sector and innovative educational research. We continuously study the demands and conditions of contemporary science education in five environments – school, college, professional science education, community science literacy and government policies.
Based on our study, we create educational programmes, services and tools that significantly address and fulfill the science education challenges in any environment.

BrainSTARS is committed to the development of multiple intelligences in a child. The team strives to excite a child’s interest in science and encourages learning by inquiry, rather than instruction alone.
We research the challenges and gaps in science education in India. We develop research-based educational content, methods, programmes, services and tools. We implement our innovations to promote Creative Learning and Effective Education in schools, colleges, professional science education and community science literacy. We aim to use our evaluations of the field to effect changes in government policies in science education in India.