Vietnam Coaching Institute (VCI)

VCI - Vietnam Coaching Institute, specializes in Executive Coaching and Training, Leadership & Management Coaching and Training. VCI's ambition is to become the 1st company in Vietnam to grow coaching professional and to change way the Vietnamese lead through coaching.

We came up with the core identity idea as rooting from VCI's ultimate focus - The Individual. Inspiredly enough, letter 'I' is shaped into an iconic symbol called 'i-Human', living up a human-being, to represent the personalities inside each of us or that wonderful person we look up to and desire to become. The slogan "BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU" further consistently communicates VCI's commitment to appreciate personal growth and help us explore our fullest potential.

Agency : Creative Bay® Strategic Creative Agency 
Client : VCI - Vietnam Coaching Institute
Art Direction and Creative Designer :  Tram Khanh Linh
Assistant : Ngo Thien Huong