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    A mobile and desktop crossplatfom game during the football championchip 2012 for Volkswagen.
Volkswagen - Das Interland / Das Länderspiel
Beat the Germans before we meet the Germans
The Project
During the build-up towards the epic European Championship game, German and Dutch fans were able to play the match before the actual kick-off. In a realtime penalty shoot out, they were challenged to score as many goals for their country as possible and win a Volkswagen Up while doing so. The game was built in 6 weeks and available on iOS, Android and Facebook. Almost 700.000 games were played in just 12 days. This project was truly awesome to work on! Huge thanks to Superhero Cheesecake for hiring me and entrusting me with this big responsibility!

My Role
Project architecture and programming all gameplay.

FWA mobile of the day - 15 june 2012
Spin Award - Gold