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    A fully integrated campaign for snack food brand - Marine Boy
Increase sales of Marine Boy in Vietnam by leveraging on the product's nutritional benefits.

An integrated campaign that linked purchase to online experience. We incorporated Augmented Reality markers in the product packaging to drive consumers to the online portal and experience the sea creatures in a 'Virtual Aquarium'. Phase 1 for the website features a set of games designed to stimulate a child's thinking. A TVC was also produced to drive the AR functionality (activated on the website) and drive purchase.
The website homepage
An educational quiz
An interactive game
An interactive game
Entering a code triggered the augmented reality experience on the product pack
An interactive game
An interactive game
A gaming card was placed in each box of Marine Boy. These cards featured different sea creatures with different levels of intelligence, speed, strength and agility. These could be used in a 'top-trumps' style game. It also encouraged repeat purchase of the product in order to collect all the sea-creatures. Activating a code on the reverse of the cards enabled children to add each sea-creature to their online virtual aqaurium. 
A TVC promoting the in-pack augmented reality experience and the online virtual aquarium
A TVC that drives consumers online to experience the virtual aquarium