Chuckit! Pro Series Ball Launcher
Arguably the most popular fetch accessory for over a decade, the Chuckit! Ball Launcher’s innovative design eliminates the need to pick up slobbery tennis balls while providing longer throws with less effort. Now, the Chuckit! Pro Series introduces a more comfortable, ergonomic grip and enhanced performance. Both your arm and your dog will thank you when your fetch sessions last longer, helping you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle with your pet.
Nine years and four launcher models after the introduction of the original, the line started to look chaotic. My task was to evolve and bring cohesion to the offerings; and in 2008, the result was the Chuckit! Sport Series. In 2011, seeking to create a high-end model for specialty retailers, I designed the Chuckit! Pro Series. An evolution of the Sport Series aesthetic, the Pro Series features a more comfortable grip, sleeker design, and enhanced performance. Released in 2012, the Chuckit! Pro Series represents the best in the game of fetch.
The ergonomic contoured handle fills the hand, reducing fatigue. Soft TPE is overmolded in key places to eliminate pressure points. A thumb pad provides additional control during use, while a ribbed finger section ensures a secure, comfortable grip. The precise cup angle and neck flex maximize throwing distances while minimizing user exertion. The Chuckit! Pro Series is available in two lengths for variable throwing distance, and a cup size that fits standard tennis balls and medium Chuckit! specialty balls.