The brief for Revite Super B was simple – create an original, out-of-the-box print advert to distinguish our product from its competitors. 
Naturally, being Utopia, we moved the lines a bit and created a social media campaign instead.

The concept was based on the original brief of distinguishing Revite from its competitors. Advertising in the health-supplement category is typically dominated by clichés – people outrunning trains, smiling during board meetings and still being on time for Johnny’s soccer match. 
These outlandish clichés are based on the premise that supplements can provide a person with superhuman powers.

Realising that we could use these clichés to our advantage, we decided to explore what it would look like if we were to subvert these well-worn concepts, with the result being a tongue-in-cheek tribute to our competitors. Our solution: Feel like you can.

‘Feel like you can’ is built on the idea that supplements are an important part of staying healthy and active, but are not capable of the miraculous – as is often claimed. We wanted to position Revite in a space that was honest about the effects of its product on consumers’ lives and could humorously reference claims prevalent in the category.

The message is clear: In a situation that requires superhuman ability, Super B can’t make you do the impossible, 
but it’ll make you feel like you can.
Super B