Crossroads of destinies
This art book is created as illustration to Italo Calvino's "The Castle of Crossed Destinies". The visual image of a space without sound, a casual meeting of strangers who do not have other way to tell their stories but building a sequence of tarot cards. Mute images show their lives, lines of destinies cross each other destroying and trasformating the meaning of single cards. The point of view change completely its meaning. The order of reading single stories does not matter. Moreover if you read them occasionally it underlines the fatality of the crossroads of life. 
This book is designed to be something more than a traditional book. 21x21 cm are gradually expanding too 2x2m map of stories of eight characters I have chosen. The center remains blank, as in the book of Calvino. But...
"There's no better place to hide a secret than an unfinished novel."
[featured in Annual 2013 - showcase of the best Italian Illustration of 2013 according to Italian Illustrators Society]