NBA TV Canada - Courtsurfing Virtual Set
I was contracted by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to create a virtual set background for their NBA TV Canada show Courtsurfing. 

The ask was to create a custom background that had a modern and dynamic feel.
Their desire was also for the new set to look as realistic as possible, on a budget, which is accomplished through the use of Otoy's Octane renderer, a GPU rendering platform.

Below is a video of the virtual set in action (set starts 20s in)
Seen below are the still renders that are being used behind the talent. 
In order to properly calibrate by 3D world to the real world/cameras, and give my 3D world the most realistic dimensions and lighting, I took photos of the greenscreen set area that was to be used with my 5D MK2 and 24mm TSE lens.

Then using photogrammetry, I created a rough but perfectly scaled 3D model from those photos for use in the calibration.  
In the 2 images below you can see how the chairs are keyed out and the 3D virtual background is added in. If you've watched the video above you'll notice these shots differ from the final, as several changes were made from this first test, including adding more depth from the chairs to the back wall. 
Hope you enjoyed checking this project out. Thanks for looking!