Bel Air the Corpse
My tribute to genius artist - Mike Mignola and his amazing talent.
In this work You can see two of my old ideas mixing together.
First was make some old, dead, rusty car as amazing Chevy BelAir.
Second is make some fan art for Mike Mignola
So one day, when my friends Ksenia and Marcus gave me a Hellboycomic books the solution that you can see below come by itself.
Itis based on the assimilation of the Chevy’s front bumperto specific jaw that we can see at theskulls in the Mignola’s comics.
So hope You’lllike it.

Thank You Mike Mignola
and his incredible art that inspired me so much.
And thanks to myfriends for supports my stuff… :)
 Some dead fellow.
Sketch and WIPs
Fhotos taken with Instagram.