Wall décor is part of the inertial decoration with functionality for the most. Hanging on the wall is wall décor’s one of characteristics such as wall frame, hook and clock.
The target group is newly married couples with a plan which is setting a new house and starts to search about the interior decor in the market. They have graduated from university and college for less than 10 years working as a junior in their profession area such as lawyer, art director, doctor and chief. Their dream houses have feelings of easeful, modern and delightful.

What they looking for in home décor are they want the décor can inspires their lives when they get home from heavy brain work and having a relaxing period at home for a moment. They prefer modern and lightful décor rather than classic darkful.Umbra is a casual learder in household goods, although each product is carefully designed, but the price is reasonable and not expensive. Their products include waste containers, decorative curtains, kitchen utensils, desk supplies and small furniture. Their products shows easy and fashionable design, inspire people in their life and trying to make people’s life easier. 

Umbra’s main competitor is IKEA. IKEA is well known as its affordable price and designed furniture. Its products are simple, practical and environmental friendly. From my general research in China, most people think IKEA is well design and simple looking but product’s quality does not stay for long, it is just opposite what IKEA pop their slogan on the TV.

The shape of the clock is a idea from Ballet skirt, the surface of the clock will be pure white, the black hour hand and minute hand will be stand on the center of the clock.
The key point of this clock is the manufacturing abilities, the shape of the clock is easy to render and modeling in Auto CAD and 3ds Max, The material chosen will be Polyethylene or metal.